Sunday, 16 January 2011

we're here!

We are here in Cusco and so excited to be here. We are staying at the Williamsons' house, which is great - the kids have got a playroom and a garden, and it feels very good to unpack the cases. I had visions of all that we would do when we arrived in Cusco, having a look around and acclimatising to the altitude being the top priorities, taking pictures of everything along the way. But life as a missionary family is always a bit different. The children were quite tored yesterday, and Sophia was particularly clingy - and lost her appetite - not like her at all! We finally managed to make it out to the Supermarket, walking across a road bridge which gave us stunning views of the mountains, including Ausangate. We got to there, only to discover Sophia had been sick! It seems plane travel and plane food are not a good combination for her, as she did the same thing at Miami. She was a bit unsettled during the night and Daniel has been awake since 4 - something. So resting up isn't going too well either, and there wasn't relaly opportunity for photos (to be honest, you may not have wanted close ups of everything from the last 24 hours!) Will post the few photos we have later and hopefully will get to see a bit more Cusco later. We will take it easy, though, as we have lots of time to explore and meet people. After many months of hoping and praying about Cusco and our life here, it is just wonderful to be here, even though I am shattered! Please pray for us as we adjust to all that is happening.

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  1. Great to know you are safely in Cusco and I hope the children settle soon. I am enjoying getting to know baby Megan too. Love to you all x