Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Ropers hit the beach!

After a frustrating day of chasing paperwork and waiting around, we didn't get our id cards today, although we are hopeful that this time tomorrow we can post pics of us with our cards and report that we have flights booked to Cusco!

We had happier times yesterday, when we went to the beach.

There were lots of steps down and undoubtedly more steps on our return, but we made it! It isn't really a beach for paddling, and there were loads of surfers, but we decided to get our feet wet. Sadly, a big wave came and splashed us - the picture doesn't do it justice, but I was pretty soaked, mainly as Neil and Daniel ran off when the first wave hit and I was trying to get out with Sophia when a huge wave got me (this may not be a totally accurate portrayal of events, but you get my drift.)

Later that day, we found a music shop... trust Daniel to find the drums! He looks a bit awkward as he was itching to play them, but we said no.

We had lots of fun, but we are keen to get to Cusco and see our new home. We are already getting frustrated with our lack of Spanish, so please pray that we will have more patience with ourselves.

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