Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy new year and new beginnings

Feliz ano nuevo! I am sitting here surrounded by cases, but packing appears to be under control (famous last words...!) We have our visas, we are fully immunised, I have bought lots of Clarks shoes for the kids in the sale and I haven't panic-bought too much stuff. We are nearly ready and very excited (and slightly freaked out.) CHristmas has been a great time to see friends and family, as well as continue with our preparations, but the new year has signalled our new beginning and we are looking forward to what God has in store for us and those we encounter. If you pray, please remember us on Wednesday as I sometimes get a bit anxious about flights and it is a big one with 2 small children. And pray for health - me and the kids were ill before Christmas and we are fine now, although Neil is a bit run down.

And if you are in Enfield, we are being prayed for tomorrow at Enfield Baptist Church. Later in the afternoon from 3, we are going to be at the Cricketers pub if you want to pop in and say bye.

I pray that you know God's great love in 2011. This is probably the last post before we fly, so the next time I post, we will be in Peru!!


  1. I recommend you enter the forum and ask American expatriates living in Peru.

  2. Thinking about you and wishing you every blessing as you set out on this wonderful adventure.