Sunday, 23 January 2011

Having Fun

Language school starts tomorrow, and we are looking forward to really getting stuck in, as getting a good grasp of the language will be an important part of us really being part of the community here. It will also be good to develop a routine as a family. However, the last few days have been full of exploration and fun, and here are a few photos to show what we have been up to. We went to a cafe called Don Estaban recently. It is lovely and we treated ourselves to some cakes and the best alfajores that I have had in Peru! We also found a great park not far from the house. I loved it, as it was safe and well looked after, but wasn't quite as health and safety conscious as the UK (in the best possible sense!) Check out the slides (with ominous rainy season clouds in the background) and the beautiful backdrop of the mountains! The children had a lovely time here; I wanted to post a video of them on a trampoline but I can't upload it. Here's a pic of them instead:

After this, we went out with another family for chicken and chips. The restaurant had a big play area, and then it was church! There was no problem with getting them to sleep tonight. And yesterday, we went out with another family to a Peruvian restaurant. We thought we might be lonely this weekend, but feel well looked after and cared for. And rather full.

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