Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Early Days in Cusco

It feels like a lot has happened in the last few days, and the airport arrival feels like a long time ago.

Here are the kids on the first night; Sophia is so exhausted that she is already asleep and Daniel is looking cosy.

Although it is summer and warm during the day, the nights still feel cold and it is important to wrap up, especially whil we get used to it. I normally have about 4 layers on in the evening, although Neil sits there in just a t-shirt! Altitude sickness is ok so far, still trying to take our time and drink lots. Sometimes I feel breathless when I forget and jog up the stairs, but other than that, it is ok.

On Sunday, we went into the centre of Cusco. It is so hard to describe what it is like to finally be here after so long of reading, thinking and praying about it, as well as intently studying other people's blog. Plaza de Armas is stunning.

We then had lunch in a decidely average cafe, overlooking a beautiful square. We felt (and looked!) like tourists, which is fine at this point, but hopefully this will not be so obvious at some point, perhaps when we can say more than a few words of Spanish! I have already lost count of the number of people that have stopped to comment on how beautiful the childern are. It is a good job Sophia wears a sun hat, as her blonde curls attract even more attention!

We also went to Iglesia el Puente - our church. We may have looked very English and reserved there, but in fact, I felt overwhelmed to finally be at our church, the community where we will hopefully serve, be served, laugh, cry, learn and worship together. We were made very welcome and had lots of food afterwards to celebrate!

Yesterday, we visited our language school, and we start on Monday, not a day too soon! And this morning we visited Daniel's new pre-school, Ausangate. It looks amazing and he is very excited as we have registered him for a week of summer school. We are currently waiting to go to a market, which I am looking forward to. It is so hard to describe the different sights and sounds that we are experiencing. Although it can be frustrating to know so little and feel so helpless, it is also a real gift to look at the world through fresh, child-like eyes. It is a lesson in humility too; God must know what he is doing.

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