Thursday, 6 January 2011

Our journey to Lima

We finally arrived at Margaret's house (our host) at about 7.30am on Thursday, having started our journey at my parents house on Wednesday at 10am.
Although we arrived by 7.30 local time, that is actually 12.30 UK time, a total travel of over 26 hours, very foolish with two small children.

We left Enfield on the Church minibus at 10 on Wednesday, with Craig, Ruth and Janine, and we arrived at Heathrow just after 11!

We then checked in luggage, bolted down some lunch and said some very emotional goodbyes (lots of tears, my parents and sister Eve and her baby Megan were also at the airport at this point)

Once we were through security, and Amanda had been chosen for special attention, we were ushered onto the plane for take off!

The highlights of the flight for the children was the meal and the TV screen, Sophia has now started asking to watch TV!

Getting off the flight to Miami was a bit difficult as Sophia had just fallen asleep, and so as Amanda was struggling of with the kids. I brought out some luggage and was going back for the last bits when I was informed that I couldn't go back on the plane. We then had to ask the cabin staff to go and get it for us, and even then forgot the nappy bag, which was retrieved for us while we were waiting to get through customs, quite an adventure.

Sophia remained asleep while Daniel tried on hats at the toy shop opposite. All was well until Amanda noticed that Sophia had been sick. Oh joy!
We then went through Security at Miami airport and tried to get the kids to sleep at the departure gate. Daniel did eventually go to sleep, UK time 3am!

The flight to Lima was fairly uneventful (we even got some sleep)and all our luggage came out at the other end, including the hand luggage which was taken from us and put in the hold as we got on the plane.

This is a picture of Amanda and the kids at Lima Airport.

And then we made it safely back to Margaret's house, a shower and some breakfast.


  1. Hi Folks
    Glad you made it to Lima safely.
    Hope you recover from the journey soon and acclimatise quickly.
    I bet it's a bit warmer there than here!!
    God bless you lots,
    love Mark & Anne (Blackwood)

  2. So glad you made it safely, what a journey!You've filled us with hope that ours will also be the joyous experience we are expecting. Well done team Roper, lots of love, The Holders

  3. Well done Neil & Amanda ... glad you made it. One day you will look back on the journey with some affection (honest) and you already have your own storues to tell about it ... praying that you'll quckly settle in and have lots more to share. God bless you all.

  4. Really glad that you arrived safely and thanking God that ALL your luggage arrived with you. Gives us all hope in the airline system! I really hope you all settle in quickly. Keeping you all in prayer. Go team Roper...Love Sarah

  5. So good to hear you've arrived safely and are beginning to find your way around. Enjoy the adventure. Those cacti look amazing I'm not surprised that Daniel is impressed.