Sunday, 23 January 2011

El puente

Our new church is called 'the bridge church' (iglesia el puente) and just around the corner from the church building is a footbridge over the main road in Cusco. When I don't fancy dodging the traffic, I walk over it to get to the supermarket. The views of the surrounding mountains make household chore much more enjoyable. I can't beleive I get to see this every day! I tried to take a couple of photos, but they aren't great, as I took them very quickly, thinking I looked a bit conspicuous taking pictures. Although it is beautiful there it was also very moving the other night to see a young girl on the bridge, maybe 7 or 8, very carefully and with great focus laying out the leaves that she was selling. She was all on her own. I know nothing of her story and have seen lots of children selling stuff, I think partly becasue it is the summer holidays here. But this girl on the bridge particularly moved me. I was frustrated as I felt powerless to do anything (very typical of me - always feelign like I need to do or solve soemthing); I couldn't even speak to her. This next part sounds like a big bucket of Christian cheese but I can only pray that our church - the bridge - can be there for her. If you pray, can I please ask that you pray for her?

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