Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Psalm 139 - youth work in Cusco

We had a action-packed weekend, with lots more things in the diary. Neil will write soon about the family days that we were involved with, but I also had a great time at the youth cafe that happens on a Saturday evening. It is great being involved with youth work in another culture, and particularly exciting in a church plant context. There are currently 3 young people involved with church, and it has been great to see them becoming more confident in their faith and more a part of church in the last few weeks.

On Saturday, we looked at Psalm 139. I asked them to each choose an object from a table of random things, and explain how it presented them. Answers ranged from a felt tip as he was creative, a bottle of water as she was pure (amidst lots of giggles) and a toy tiara as she was a daughter of the king. We then talked about how God has made each of us unique, shown in Psalm 139. Afterwards, we created paintings from our finger prints, incorporating a verse from Psalm 139 to remember how God has made us individuals. For me, it was an encouragement to lead a group with my hit and miss Spanish, but also wonderful to see the young people participating and sharing. In a couple of weeks, we are hopefully going on a youth camp in the Sacred Valley, near Cusco. I am praying that this will be a great opportunity to draw closer to each other and God.

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