Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Lost Sheep

I am sitting here, all at once shattered and excited. We had a busy weekend, culminagting in an all-age service, based around the Parable of the Lost Sheep. The church is starting monthly(ish) all-age services, with the idea being that the young people and children can be a part of these. So, this Friday at Kid's Club, we were busy making sheep masks, so that the children could participate in a drama. Last night, the young people prepared jellys, cakes and balloons for the party that we had in church after we found the lost sheep. And yesterday morning, we had Kid's Games in the local park, with lots of activities for children from the local community. It was again based around the story, and it was great to see the children running around the park searching for the various lost sheep that were hidden.

There were a number of positives over the weekend. This was the second time that we have been a part of Kids Games. This time, more people from church were involved, with a couple of people afterwards discussing ideas for improving it... I suggested we could plan it together next time! I also got to chat for an extended period with some young people. Although they didn't come to the Youth Cafe in the evening, it was great just to spend time with them. Some new people came to church, as they happened to be passing. Perhaps best of all, it was great to see the young people and children actively participating. The jelly was pretty good too.

I took the role of the shepherd - my acting debut in Peru. The Spanish wasn't perfect, but my over-acting speaks a universal language. I think the church needs to increase its costume budget though.

I am looking forward to seeing this develop, and pray that in time, we will see greater links develop with the community through kids games, and that the young people and children can input even more into this service, the life of the church and the lives of their friends and family.

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