Monday, 25 July 2011

Preparing for youth camp

I am off to a youth camp on Wednesday with the entire youth group (3 young people, but small is very beautiful.) I am very excited about it. I bumped into one of the organisers and he warned me to make sure everyone had old clothes as there is a very messy and muddy activity planned - sounds fun...

Anyway, as well as mud, it has come at a great stage in the youth work, as I am hoping we can all get to know each other better, as well as draw closer to God, before we look to expand things. In order to pay for the camp, the church took an offering yesterday as a contribution towards costs. As well, to raise funds, the young people spent Saturday night baking goodies for church. It was good for the young people to contribute as well.

We needed 210 soles to pay for the young people and the offering raised 216 soles - praise God. The cakes were good too. If you pray, please remember us over the next few days and also Neil with the 2 children. It is my longest time away since Sophia has been born, so I shall really miss them all!

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