Monday, 4 July 2011

March for Jesus

June was a crazy month of parties and celebrations, with events and dancing happening nearly every day in the main square. Saturday was our turn, as it was the March for Jesus, involving most of the evangelical churches in Cusco. There were a lot of people there, and we were especially encouraged that people weren't allowed to have banners displaying their church's name, so we walked together as one church!

The March started in the main road, and wound its way to the main square. It was exciting to be part of a procession, rather than looking on. After the march, we joined together for a big celebration, which involved Anjanette playing the flute and Scott praying in English for the tourists. It was great to be worshipping God with so many other people. In a culture where marches and processions are integral, it was wonderful to present Christianity in this way.

Daniel and Sophia had a great time, and Daniel did some great dancing and air guitar.

Perhaps our favourite part of the day was afterwards, when our group from the church went out for burgers and chips. It was great to spend time together.

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