Thursday, 14 July 2011

Family Days

Over the weekend we had two family days, one with church and one with school. It was busy but lots of fun. On the Saturday was our church day.

We travelled together in a large people carrier to a place called C.O.R.A.S.O.N in the hills around Cusco. It is a centre where churches can go for time together and is also at the foot of a prayer mountain. We spent time together playing volleyball, football, parachute games and circus tricks, before we had an excellent lunch together cooked by Pastor Scott.

After lunch and clear up there was more playing followed by a short time of worship a little further up the prayer mountain. This included prayer, Bible reading and sung worship, as well as a chance to pray for the Pastor who runs the centre we were using. It was an excellent day which gave us a great chance to spend time with each other, as well as focusing on our life as a church.

The following day was spent on a recreation field with people from Daniel's school. There were races...

As well as competitions...

But the highlight of the day for us was that we got to spend lots of time with a family whose son is one of Daniel's best friends. We chatted while the children played football and climbed trees. It was a great time of building friendships and having fun.

So we had two family days in two days and enjoyed them both, as well as feeling part of the bigger families that we are part off her in Peru.

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