Saturday, 18 June 2011

What our week looks like...

After returning from Brazil, we started a new timetable, although it isn't completely running to plan as June in Cusco is a crazy month of fiestas, celebrations, national holidays and a decent smattering of days of school for the children! But (in theory) our week looks like this:

Mondays and Wednesdays - Language school
Tuesdays - Amanda has a Bible study, followed by a team meeting for us both. The afternoon provides us with much needed prep time. In the evening, we have a conversation class.
Thursdays - Amanda and Sophia have a bi-lingual toddler group. Neil is working in a local school teaching English. In the afternoon, we take turns to visit children in the local hospital. In the evening, Amanda meets with a young person for a Bible study.
Fridays - We are both teaching English in a school in Huambutio. Neil runs a kids club in the afternoon and we all join in; here;s a pic from the first one.

Saturdays - Monthly kids games in the park. In the evening, Amanda runs a youth cafe. Tonight, pastor (and Chef) Scott taught the young people how to make pancakes. The 3 young people that came were already connected with the church and it was great to have an opportunity to talk to them and see how they wanted the group to develop.

This is the theory, although yesterday we turned up at Huambutio, but they were not expecting us, despite previously arranging it. Instead, we were welcomed in and joined in with their Father's Day celebration, including dancing. We couldn't help compare with UK schools and wondered if 2 strangers would be welcomed in so readily!

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