Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Election - No Drinking and No Church

Today is a very important day for Peru, as it is the second round of elections, as there was no outright winner in April. The 2 candidates are at opposite sides of the political spectrum. There were possibly too many central candidates who cancelled each other out in the earlier round. The exit polls suggest that Ollanta Humala has won, and will be the next president of Peru, although the country is waiting for confirmation. BBC have covered the story here. Elections here are very different - everyone is legally obliged to vote, although it is thought that around 10% spoilt their paper. No one is allowed to buy alcohol - presumably to ensure everyone has a clear head and public meetings are also illegal, including church. So, election day means no one is drinking and no one is going to church! The photo below was taken in the local corner shop, explaining that it is illegal to buy drink.

We will know for sure tomorrow whether Ollanta is President, and the country will discover over the coming weeks and months the impact of his new policies. Please pray for the country during this period of change.

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