Saturday, 4 June 2011

Brazil #1 Caldas Novas

We have had a great time in Brazil and are already thinking how much we would love to go back! The reason for travelling to Brazil was to take part in the BMS Latin America retreat, but we took the opportunity to have a holiday as well, and some Brazilian mission workers recommended Caldas Novas, a spa town. The water was absolutely beautiful and especially great for Neil as he sorely misses his baths and this was a decent replacement. Our hotel was pretty basic, but still had loads of pools. We also visited a fantastic water park and a lake, and we had a wonderful time at both. Sophia, after spending the whole day at the water park, still cried and cried when she had to get out of the water. Daniel learnt to snorkel, we played on a beach, had a boat ride, ate too much, went down countless slides, relaxed, played football, went to the fair, Neil and I were dragged along at high speed by a jet ski and we swam - lots. It was all pretty amazing and we felt very blessed to have such an opportunity.

More to follow on the retreat...

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