Saturday, 4 June 2011

Prayer Letters

We have written new prayer and news letters and you can download the grown ups one here and the children's one here. Hoep you enjoy them and please distribute to people you know that are interested but don't have internet!


  1. Thanks for what you shared in the Prayer letter ... I'm trying to pray between the lines as well as covering what you write because there will be some things you may not want to, or feel you can't share. The Holy Spirit will carry these to God's throne and he will interpret our heartfelt cries for vision and compassion. Bless you and I'm sure you'll all be speaking Spanish before too long.

    We had an almost Latin American Pentecost service last Sunday with red ballons and CAKE! Took me back to a first anniversary service in a church out in the sticks in Paraguay ... where my friend Jeff and I sang "When I survey" (in Spanish).

    Praying the Lord will continue to lead you to that place where you can plant and be planted. Blessings to you all.

  2. Thanks for your continued support, Graham. It is much appreciated!