Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Ropers' Round-Up

A lot has been happening recently, and we are finding it hard to keep up with the blog.  So, here is a quick round-up of what has been happening:
  • The Peru Action Team are here!  The Peru Action Team arrived a few weeks ago, but we have realised that we haven't mentioned them on the blog. So, a belated but heartfelt welcome to Jess, Amy, Liz and Rob.  It has been great getting to know them, and beginning to work with them.  My personal highlight so far is pretending to be animals with Amy and Rob in a classroom while we were teaching English.  Please pray for them as they continue to acclimatise to the culture and language.  Action Team is the BMS excellent gap year - for more info, click here where, incidentally, you will find a pic of our very own team.
  • Last weekend, we were part of the church's first weekend away in Pisac, a town in the Sacred Valley.  We stayed at a school/residential centre set in lovely grounds, surrounded by mountains.  I came here with some young people for a youth camp a few months back. It was great to have an opportunity to spend time with our church family, as well as eating good food, playing volleyball (badly) and trying to avoid the spitting llamas. For many, it was an important time to listen and respond to God. 

  • This week has been very busy as we started the first of 4 environmental lessons in local schools (this will be a separate blog post) and the church building is moving.  The building before was in a great location, but had no provision for childrens work on a Sunday.  The leaders found a new building with separate rooms for a creche and a children's room.  It is a few minutes walk from the old building.  Neil has been helping with some of the moving this week, and we have a ceremony tomorrow to celebrate.
  • For now, that is all, apart from a birthday party, a great afternoon spent with friends, Giardia, disgusting treatment for Giardia, difficult theological questions from 5 year olds and preparation for the concert of the year starring a tiger. 

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