Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bags of Fun

Last week was the 2nd week of the environmental project.  Our theme this time was reducing waste as we learnt ways to make small but important differences.  During the main part of the lesson, we designed and decorated our own reusable bags.  Finding the bags was a mission in itself, as I couldn't see reusable material bags in Cusco.  I knew of a shop where the lady makes her own bags, and after lots of discussion and visits, I successfully ordered 100 perfect bags!  We are visiting 3 different schools and they all really enjoyed the activity.  Children in Peru seem to be very artistically gifted and every child was engaged and took and a lot of pride and time over their work.  It was therefore a great activity for them as it brought together a practical way to make a difference with their love of art.  We  adjusted the lesson to allow more time for this activity. In the first lesson, which was longer, we gave them a group activity of suggesting ways to reduce waste,  It was meant to be more of a brainstorm, but they produced wonderful, detailed posters - they take a lot of pride in their work.

 They worked very hard on their designs and like with UK children, where one went, the others followed.  There were lots of fruit bowls and mountain ranges.  And a few portraits of Tupac Amaru, an Inkan hero/martyr.  The lessons are being received very well and I am looking forward to spotting the bags being used in place of plastic bags while I am out and about in the community.  As one girl said, unprompted, 'When they try to give me a plastic bag in the shops, I will say, 'No thank you, I have my own bag!'   


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