Saturday, 26 March 2011


Last weekend, we were privilegerd to be able to visit Yucay. This is a beautiful place in the Sacred Valley, a shortish drive from Cusco. It was a beautiful day, and we were made very welcome as we sat in a beautiful garden, surrounded by flowers and eating figs fresh from the tree and choklo con queso (maize with cheese). The experience was made more poignant as Yucay was one of the areas that was flooded in the rainy season last year; we could clearly see the after affects, as the house attached to the beautiful garden now only had one storey.

Our church in Cusco gave a lot of support to this community, and Scott and Anjanette were greeted very warmly. First, they visited each week and provided food. Then, BMS WOrld Mission gave a grant that provided lots of new seed. As I ate the corn, I realised that this is the gospel in action - in a cynical world, I could clearly see evidence of God's love changing things and changing people in practical and emotional ways.

The fields now are full of maize, which is good for the harvest this year, but also means that they will have seed for future years. The corn that I ate has never tasted so good.

This is really the Williamsons' story - they blog about it here This is also the subject of BMS World Mission's Harvest Appeal, launched next month.

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