Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Happy Birthday Sophia!

Our darling Sophia was 2 yesterday. She is the first one in the family to have a birthday in Peru, and we wondered what it would be like to celebrate when we were so far away from friends and family. We ended up having a weekend full of celebrations, despite the fact that the Williamsons had only arrived back a few days previously, and probably felt very jet-lagged!

On Saturday, we went to a chicken restaurant (chicken is really good here!) with some friends. There is also a huge play area, and the children had lots of fun there. We are normally very keen on baking cakes for the kid's birthdays, but this time, we opted for a shop bought and very tasty torta. Afterwards, we went to our favourite local park with huge slides.

On Sunday, we visited a llama sanctuary and saw some amazing local scenery.

Church was great, not only because it was the Williamson's first time at church following their home assignment, but also Sophia had another huge cake! She has looked a bit over-awed on Saturday when she received the cake, but on Sunday she had obviously got used ot the idea; the cake was taken to be cut and she pointed to it and said 'mine!'

On Monday, Sophia opened presents which included some great packages from the UK - thank you! She also had a doll and a pushchair, which she loves. In the evening, we had a small tea party. We feel that her birthday was well recognised and celebrated and look forward to many more Roper birthdays in Peru!

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  1. sophia looks so cute showing off her books, im glad she had a good birthday!
    lots of love. xxxx