Sunday, 6 March 2011

New Beginnings

This week has been pretty full on... the Williamsons came home on Tuesday, Daniel started school on Wednesday and we have found a flat!

We have - on the most - enjoyed settling in to Cusco on our own and having to find our way around Cusco. However, it is great to be part of a bigger team of BMS workers, especially as the Williamsons know what they are doing! We had a great night a few days ago, where we shared our hopes, dreams and vision. It was very exciting and gave us even greater impetus to study hard at Language School, in order to get stuck in with the youth and children's work. The children are also getting on fabulously. Daniel and Samuel(6) play great games together, and Sophia just loves Jessica (8), sitting for hours while Jessica does her hair.

We are getting to know each other very well and very quickly, as we are currently all living together in the Williamson's house. However, we have found a flat which is in the perfect location, just one minute's walk from the Williamsons and the church! We hope to be able to move in this weekend, and are currently busy buying furniture. We have been very blessed over the last 8 months since we moved out of our house, as Neil's parents, IMC in Birmingham and the WIlliamsons have housed us and been wodnerful, generous hosts. However, it will be lovely to be in our own place again - as well as in the middle of the community we hope to serve.

Finally, Daniel started school last Wednesday. He is really enjoying it, although the mornings are quite long (8.30am-1pm) and he still finds the amount of Spanish hard. However, he continues to pick it up and we are confident that in a couple of months things will be even easier for him. He says he has already made a friend and we were so proud of him on the first day when he walked in with confidence, barely remembering to say goodbye. Please pray for him as he continues to settle.

It was also an important time for Sophia, as it was his birthday on Monday. more to follow on that...

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