Wednesday, 15 February 2012

To Wales... where it always snows!

BMS runs a system where mission workers are linked to churches in the UK.  They visit the group of churches before they leave the UK, and visit during home assignments, or when they return to the UK. 

We had no previous links with Blackwood, South Wales when we visited at the end of 2010.  However, we were touched by the warm welcome that we received.  Even more so, it was great to receive so many emails, birthday packages and letters from our new friends during our year in Peru.  We felt so loved and supported by this group of churches from South Wales, and knew that they were deeply interested and praying for the work in Peru. 

We were therefore excited to have the opportunity to visit again and share some of our experiences.  As we got further fron London and the scenery became snow filled, Daniel uttered 'It always snows in Wales' with complete confidence.  This was his 2nd visit to Wales, and it had been snowing both times, so in his mind, Wales is a place of snow!  So, we were once again met at Newport Station by Glenys who braved the snow and ice to meet us. Her and Tony once again offered great hospitality and understanding of what it is like to travel with 2 young children.  They even managed to accomodate my new found lactose intolerance.

This was our first official BMS visit and it was hard to know what to talk about and focus on, but we had great fun leading the service on Sunday morning.  Neil adapted a game that we used to teach English in schools, Daniel spoke Spanish and Sophia, for the most part, bounced around the stage, although she was a bit unsure when the minister Mark tried on our Peruvian hats.  I spoke on forgiveness, based on an experience I had in the hospital in Cusco.  We also had an opportunity to thank people in person for all that they had done and offer a few token presents. The children enjoyed spending time in Sunday School.

We had lunch together after the service, which was a great opportunity to chat to people (when not pre-ocuppied with children).  Daniel took advantage of distracted parents and ate 4 (or more?) desserts, and Sophia refused to let go of her new dragon cuddly. Daniel was equally as excited with his lego, but was too busy with the aforementioned desserts to open it (which was good as he would have inevitably lost all of the pieces).

One of the most exciting aspects of mission work is the links that are created with Christians across the world.  However, it has also been wonderful to make new friends in other parts of the UK.  It is hard to express our gratitude to Blackwood without sounding very gushy or  insincere - but THANK YOU!  Your love and support for us and the ministry in Peru has been invaluable.  And we will be back, and not only to prove to Daniel that it doesn't always snow in Wales.

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