Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Goodbye Peru

Updating the blog has been harder than we thought.  We have been busy with all of the accompanied tasks that come with returning to the UK, but undoubtedly it has also been because we are still processing leaving so quickly.

However, through the madness and difficulties of packing up with very little time, we have fond memories as well.  Our final service at El Puente was also the last Sunday before Christmas.  We had a great Nativity, which became more improvised than intended as the narrator was late, and also a presentation of gifts and some personal thank yous.  We have no photos as we were busy with the nativity!

Daniel also had great fun with his best friend Juan Jose and we shared an early Christmas dinner, as well as a game of football in the Plaza de Armas. It was lovely to spend time with him and his parents, who were good friends of ours. It was important that Daniel and Sophia could have an opportunity to leave well.

Our final full day was also very special.  I (Amanda) was taken out to a coffee shop by 2 friends in the church and we had a great time together, although it was obviously tinged with sadness.  That night we chose the best restaurant in Peru for our final meal.... Magic Chicken!  La Magia is a chicken restaurant with a play area just around the corner from our house in Cusco.  The chicken and chips is great, and it was Daniel and Sophia's favourite place to eat.  We invited the church to eat with us and it was really the only choice for our family's final meal in Cusco. There was pollo a la brasa, salchipapas (sausage and chips) and Inka Cola (Daniel's favourite!)

Despite the quick timeframe, we felt that left in the best way that we could under the circumstances.  Leaving is never easy and it is bizarre to leave somewhere not knowing when (if ever) we will return. Facebook and Skype works both ways though; it was a great way to stay in contact with the UK when we were in Peru and it is great to have a way of communicating with our friends in Peru.

So our final day arrived and we began the journey back to the UK.  We even had a final trip to the zoo at Lima as we had a long time to wait at the airport.  The children were incredible on all of the flights and we safely arrived back to the UK with a mixture of jetlag, excitement about Christmas, happiness to be back with family and friends, and wonder at what the month's to come had in store.

Some of the puzzle pieces have fallen into place as I now have a temporary job as a Teaching Assistant at a local school and Daniel is settled at school.  For some of the other pieces, we continue to wait.  And trust.

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  1. Will continue to pray for you guys as the pieces fall into place. Sometimes we don't understand God's design, but I'm trusting He's making something beautiful! Lots of love. x