Wednesday, 11 January 2012

We are still here...

Just a quick note to say that we are still here - we are all doing well, although things have been a bit busy, with visits to Norfolk and Didcot, alongside properly moving in to Neil's parents' house.  We plan to continue the blog until we finish visiting churches and will also write about the last few weeks of Peru in the following days. However, we thought we would write a quick update of how we are doing at the moment.

Our biggest and best news is that Daniel has got a place at school!  There is a shortage of school places for Daniel's school year.  Our hope was that Daniel would get a place at a school within walking distance straight away, but this appeared to be unlikely, and we thought he might have to take any place offered and put his name on a waiting list. There was a chance that he wouldn't get a place at all.   However, we received a phone call on Friday offering us a place at our first choice school, which is just across the road.  The school are calling it a fluke and we are just very, very happy.  He had his first day today and had a great time, although currently seems to be supporting Chelsea, rather than Arsenal or Barcelona.  The school place is a huge answer to prayer and we are so pleased that Daniel is so confident and keen to go, after all of the upheaval of the last few weeks.

Sophia is very confident and happy.  She was often quite shy in Cusco, but is settling quickly back to life in Enfield and loves playing with her baby cousin.  She said she didn't miss her brother today, but she did also say 'Where's my Dan-Dan?' when it was time to pick him up.

Neil and I are applying for jobs, and I am hoping to begin teacher training in September.  For those that pray, please pray for wisdom as we apply for jobs, have interviews and make decisions.  As Daniel said unprompted the other day: 'I don't need to worry if even Daddy isn't with me at school, because God will absolutely be with me every day.'  We are praying for that perspective and faith in these unsettling and exciting times.


  1. Exciting times - keep trusting

  2. The fact that Daniel speaks with such faith is testimony to Godly living parents. Speaks volumes - Praise God.

  3. I agree with Roy and Anonymous. What wonderful children you have. As you continue to serve the Lord, He will not disappoint you. Keep on trusting with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.