Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Week 4: Beauty from Junk

Last week was the final week of lessons, and we explored the theme of reusing.  First of all, we handed around images from this website, showing very creative ways of reusing and recycling rubbish.  The children have really enjoyed looking at photos, in both the first and final week.

The classes then divided into groups for a junk modelling project.  They were given a range of ruubish, and asked to design something new and beautiful.  I did not know beforehand how they would respond to this, as learning in Peru tends to be more structured.  Although the children are often artistic, they are given specific instructions, rather than having a blank canvas to explore and create.  I didn't know if this would be too difficult and different for them in the time given, or if they would enjoy the freedom. I discussed this with a teacher, as we observed them working.  She said that the children had lots of abilities, but sometimes lacked imagination.  However, as can be seen from the photos, there was lots of creativity on display, many with a Christmas theme.  I was especially interested to see a snow man as there is not much snow in Cusco, yet this image is still associated with Christmas here.

 We have been teaching a younger group in one of the schools, and so we decided to do a slightly different activity, as we thought that the junk modelling in groups might be too hard for them.  Instead, the children were given the opportunity to make either a magazine rack from a cereal box or a pen holder from a plastic bottle.
It was also great to see a display of posters from a previous week's work in a classroom.

It has been a great privilege and experience to run the environmental project.  Every drop does make a difference, for good and bad. The children of Cusco have an opportunity to help God's wonderful creation and I hope and pray that these lessons will be a springboard for further thought and action.

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