Sunday, 30 October 2011

Christmas in October

Neil's parents are now safely back in the UK, but before they left we had a special Christmas celebration together, exactly 2 months early.  Unsurprisingly, Christmas is a very special time for us, and as much as we are looking forward to celebrate the birth of Jesus with different customs in a different culture, we also know we will miss our family, friends and traditions in the UK. 

We therefore decided to have a Christmas dinner together, complete with roast chicken, pigs in blankets, gravy (first time in 10 months) and even crackers.  We are saving the Christmas pudding and opted instead for paneton, which is very popular in Peru at Christmas. I didn't have enough pans for Yorkshire pudding, and decided that as it would almost certainly flop at altitude, I just wouldn't bother.

We also had a Secret Santa, and with the Christmas music playing, we soon felt very festive.  Having cooked too much, we even had authentic Christmas dinner leftover soup for the next couple of days.  As hard as it was to say goodbye to Sheila and Tony, we have created so many memories that we can talk about for many years to come.  It was great to have holidays together, but also for them to see our life here in Cusco. 

As we begin the coutndown to Christmas, we will undoubtedly miss the traditions and customs thsat we are accustomed to, but were delighted to have this opportunity to celebrate with our family. The light of the world has come - the truth of this is as relevant on 25 October as 25 December.

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