Sunday, 23 October 2011

The beauty of Lake Titicaca

We are back from our adventures at Lake Titicaca.  It will not go down as the most relaxing holiday we have ever had as a family, but has given us loads of memories.  We took an amazing coach tour to Puno, which is in Peru close to Lake Titicaca.  Along the way, we stopped at a beautiful colonial church, pre-Inkan ruins and La Raya at a breathless 4,338 metres above sea level. 

Once at Puno, we were able to visit the floating islands, which are islands made of reeds.  Apparently, originally a tribal group got so fed up of the arring tribes around them that they decided to build themselves homes on the lake to stay out of the way.  Sounds sensible.  The islands are now packed full of tourists, but it was still a fascinating morning and insight into a very different way of life.

We had been warned that Puno itself was not a great city, and despite a great hotel, we tended to agree and were pleased have the opportunity to go to Copacabana across the Bolivian border.

Sophia decided to mark the occasion by being violently sick at the border - we are hoping to save this particular story for her wedding or 18th birthday.  Copacabana is a small lakeside town and in parts, very pretty.  We stayed in some incredible lodges overlooking the lake with amazing views, especially the sunsets.  Sadly, this part of the holiday was marred with Sophia being ill and I spent a lot of time caring for her at the lodge, or feeling pretty ropey myself.  However, with views like this, it was a lovely place to be.

The others were able to visit la Isla de Sol (the Island of the Sun)and Neil and Daniel also had the opportunity to spend the day with Fatima and her family.  Neil has sponsored Fatima for a number of years through Compassion and it was a privilege to be able to meet with her, as well as give her family an opportunity to spend time at Lake Titicaca.

By the time we ventured back to Puno, Sophia was on the mend and we had a drama-free return to Cusco.  Please pray for Sophia, as in the last few weeks she has had problems with oxygen levels, an ear infection and a throat infection.  Praying for a long section of good health now!  We are back to work Tuesday and are looking forward to meeting the Action Team.  Neil's parents are with us for a few more days as Daniel is 5 in 4 days time (as he likes to constantly remind us...)

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