Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A day in the life...

Bad news: An early morning phone call to the DVLA confirms that I can't register to update my photo for the driving licence as I am living in Peru, and to do so would be illegal. In 2 weeks my drivers licence is out of date. Attempts to get the children to school and the house sorted leaves me a bit late for language (and slightly grumpy)

Good news: It is our final day at Language School! We have had a great time and loved getting to know our teachers (and attempting to get to know SPanish too.) However,especially in the last few weeks it has been hard to balance language with our other commitments and we are glad to be moving to the next stage. We took our long suffering and very patient teachers, Jose Carlos and Jimmy out for lunch to say a very big thank you!

Good news: after lunch, I went to town and bought tickets for Machu Picchu - we go in 7 weeks and Neil's parents arrive in 6 weeks! I am getting very over-excited.

Bad news: the trip to the dentist proved that my 2 sensitive teeth need new fillings, and one may need root canal treatment. Nowhere near as expensive as the UK, but still unpleasant and requiring money. I am not liking the combination of my weak teeth and altitude.

Good news: One of the letters that I picked up from the POst Office was a tax rebate. It can pay for the dental work. I feel like a proper mission worker with tales to tell of having to trust God for his provision and Him always providing at the right time.

Bad news: It is a cheque, which we can't cash in Peru... and so the day continues.

As much as our day has had its ups and downs, we end the day happpy and in good health (apart from 2 misbehaving teeth). Please remember in your prayers Sylvia, who yesterday had a day of great emotion with the funerals of both her husband and her brother, and please remember her and her family in the coming weeks and months as they continue to grieve and adjust. I hope to write soon of the privilege of being a part of Manuel's funeral. God's presence was so evident yesterday in the midst of the sadness, but he is just as present today in normal life with all its beauty, boring bits, struggles and phone calls to call centres to the UK. I just need to keep my heart and mind open to him.


  1. Bless you, what a tale of ups and downs. I'm sure you're not alone amongst missionaries who have had similar stories to tell - but perhaps didn't! How are you going to get around the DVLA scenario and does it affect you driving in Peru? If you can't cash cheques what is the best way for you to be funded ad hoc?
    I'm quite envious of your trip to Machu Picchu - it must be one of the most atmospheric places on earth I reckon - that and the summit of Everest neither of which I'm likely to experience. Make the most of the visit it will be another thing to look back on with wonder one day! We pray that you will soon have the proper dental treatment and that your driving licence is sorted. Above all we pray that you will know the Lord's presence at all times, in the valleys as well as the mountain tops and everywhere in between. Bendiciones para todos ustedes.

  2. Hi Graham I don't drive in Peru, so it isn't really a problem - just something I need to sort when I come home! Bank transfers are the best ways to move money around - we just need to ask the Tax office to do that... and yes, we are very excited about Machu Picchu and a trip to Lake Titacaca. Thanks for stopping by on the blog...