Friday, 13 May 2011

Off to the market

Every Friday morning, me and Sophia grab a taxi to El Molino, one of the local markets and stock up on fruit and veg. It is always an experience, with Sophia attracting lots of attention. It is good for me, as I get to know the stall holders and practise my Spanish. I often find a fruit or vegetable that I don't know, and I am often given a little to taste for free. The market is a lively, colourful place and I enjoy the hustle and bustle. It feels more genuine than the artesan markets in the centre - this is where the Peruvians come to shop, as it is cheaper than the supermarkets. Part of the experience is getting your hands dirty - it is perfectly acceptable to feel the fruit and pick out the best. One week, I said I didn't want the peppers - they didn't look good and the market stall holder ran off and found some better ones. Now, every week , he finds me good veg! And I am learning that if veg looks a bit grotty on the top, there is normally better stuff buried somewhere else. There are stalls for different products, potatoes, fruit, veg, corn... a bit different from Tesco!

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  1. It's really good to see you getting accepted by the community and also that you're getting to know how to find the best fruit. I'm sure there's a message in there somewhere. It's probably the best way to improve your Spanish as well!