Sunday, 8 May 2011

Feliz Dia Mama!

Today Is Mothering Sunday in Peru and it is a huge deal. Daniel has been busy at school preparing presents and cards; here is his card with a wonderful drawing of me.

On Friday, lots of schools had concerts and the shops are full of merchandise. Although it always sad to see the commercial side, it is also a great time to celebrate with families. I love the passion and excitement that many Peruvians have at times of festivity. Many people travel to see their mums if they live away, People also give other mother's presents, not just their own. My language teacher and Neil's ex-language teacher contacted me today to wish me a happy day. Unlike in the Uk, there appears to be little thought given to those who may find today difficult - I have mixed feelings about this.

However, I was very happy to be culturally relevant and be spoilt for the weekend. Yesterday, we went to my favourite spot near Cristo Blanco and went to a trout restaurant, where first we fed the trout in the lake and then ate them!

Today, we chilled out and made pizza together. I received some lovely things, although the cake was bought to share with everyone from church.

Scott and Anjanette organised a great service, acknowledging the importance of mums, and included the children singing, chocolate and prayer. And cake, of course.

It has been a wonderful weekend and is always interesting to see the way another culture celebrates festivals. Parents here are often honoured and respected, which is great, although I also remember those for whom today may have been difficult.

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