Friday, 11 February 2011


Travelling in Cusco is an interesting experience. The three options for us are walking, getting a taxi and the bus. Walking and taxis are similar to back home, but the buses are something to behold. I have included a couple of pictures below. The buses vary enormously, and often look like minibuses or vans, and cost 70 centimos (about 15p). They are often extremely full, and on the smaller buses I often have to crouch.

Earlier this week I had a particularly interesting experience on the bus. I was on my way home from language school, when we came upon a political procession which was blocking the way home. The bus appeared to be going round the roundabout to head the other way, when the driver suddenly turned into the oncoming traffic. He drove about a quarter of a mile into the oncoming traffic before moving over to the right side of the road at the next set in lights (in front of the political procession). It was surprising and exciting at the same time, and something that would never happen at home.

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