Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Remarkable Recovery of Sophia

We had a bit of scare with Sophia on Monday.  She developed a cough over the weekend, and was coughing loads on Monday morning.  We thought it could be a chest infection, so Neil took her to the doctors.  Although her chest was clear, her oxygen was low and her pulse rate was fast.  Neil was advised that  it was probably a virus but if she got worse, we should take her to hospital.  We started trying to give her the antibiotics, but she couldn't keep much down as she was coughing so much.  After lunch, I got worried as she became very lethargic and her breathing seemed laboured.  We decided it was best to get her checked out at the hospital, and so I took her down.  We got to the Reception when she suddenly perked up.  She decided it was probably best to go home and watch some tv and drink some hot milk, and she suddenly seemed like her old self, praise God. I took her home and by the end of the afternoon she was chasing her brother, hiding under beds and keeping down medicine and liquids.

Her oxygen was still a bit low this morning, but as can be seen in this video recorded before bed tonight, she doesn't seem too unhealthy!  It was a worrying few hours for us on Monday and we are so grateful that she is her normal cheeky self.  I was even secretly pleased to tell her off for pulling her brother's hair again.  We are very grateful for God's protection and for the good health of our family.  We are pleased that our little Sophia is so full of life again.  However, we do also remember the many families where the worry and concern over ill health lasts much longer than a few hours. 

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