Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Daniel and the world!

I wanted to write a post about the way Daniel is taking an interest in the world. This photo was taken after Daniel had been pointing to various parts of the world and telling us what they are called. He has taken a specific interest in Africa, even saying that he wants to be a fireman there when he grows up! He is very excited about our upcoming visit to Brazil.

His spoken Spanish is still limited, and we don't know how much he understands. However he is taking an interest in languages, and often asks what words mean. He also wants to know about Quechua, which is the other main language spoken in Peru. Unfortunately we cannot help him with this, and I believe partly because of this he has made up his own language called 'Kikadi'. He regularly tells us what words are in 'Kikadi', and even sings songs in this 'new' language.

It is wonderful to see these developments in Daniel, and we pray they will continue to grow in his life. We hope he will grow up with a global perspective on life as well as getting the opportunity to visit all these different places.


  1. One bright little boy and clever you for broadening his horizons. The Spanish will come eventually - maybe you should record his 'Kikadi'! Take care x

  2. How marvellous to have this opportunity to see your children develop in a culture which is bigger than they would have got 'at home'. These will be precious times indeed and yes, record them for posterity. Blessings.