Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The BMS Brigade

Excuse the delay in posting, but we have had some busy times recently, both in Selly Oak and Enfield in half term. Last week, we were delighted to be able to meet up with Scott, Anjanette, Jessica and Sam, the family that we will be working with - and initially living with - in Cusco. It was great to spend time with Scott and Anjanette, and wonderful to see how well the children played together, and proved that IMC is a fantastic place to play hide and seek. I use the term 'BMS Brigade' advisedly, as James and Julia are also in training at the moment, to go to Peru as long-term mission personnel. As the photo shows, there is a number of us, and we were excited to hear about the existing work in Peru, and looking forward to being part of God's mission in Peru.

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