Friday, 8 October 2010

Christmas Time!

It was Christmas Day today at IMC, in honour of the Action Teamers. For the last month, we have been at IMC with a large number of 17-23 year olds, preparing to go in small teams for 6 months across the world! They will therefore be away from home at Christmas, and as it is their last night in Birmingham, we have been celebrating the seasonal festivities with them. We had a fantastic Christmas dinner, followed by the Mission Trainees (that's us!) putting on a very special Nativity, complete with lobsters, octopuses and a real baby acting as Jesus. Daniel was asked what animal he would like to be, and he said a grufallo. Sophia was, of course, an angel and I accompanied her. Neil was a shepherd. It was a special time where the whole community was involved and had a lot of fun! I love the family shot where our beautiful angel is picking her nose! And after a Christmas meal, there is always the washing up - Daniel can be seen wearing a beautiful hair net that we have to wear when washing up!

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  1. What self respecting 4 year old wouldn't choose to be a Gruffalo? Go Daniel!