Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Getting real...

This afternoon, the 4 of us had 9 injections between us, with Daniel taking 3 for the team. He was promised a treat and went for a juice lolly; personally I feel that he sold himself short and could have gone for a chocolate bar. We are booked in for more injections next week, and, following the medicals a couple of weeks ago, it is all starting to feel very real. I have started sorting out the house, as we will be moving out at the start of August, just over a month away. Thanks to the help and support of many people, we had a great time at the Peruvian night on Sunday and it provided a (literal) taster of what is to come. However, there is nothing like a needle in your aim to bring about a reality check, and it was this afternoon that it really started to hit home that we are actually doing this. We are leaving jobs, our house, friends and family and moving far, far away. We trust that God will continue to guide us, especially next week when the kids realise next week that they are about to be stanned with a needle again.

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